The Rob Foundation

Stentor (newspaper) The Stentor (newspaper): ‘Tamar makes a difference in Uganda’ – 11 September 11, 2015

The Stentor


Rob Goossens passed suddenly in April 2013, his dream, “a foundation for his daughter” he would not be able to see it become reality.

The name of the foundation is homage to my father, says Tamar Goossens. “We did not have a name, but we realized that we should pass on his driving force.” At the funeral of Rob Goossens, guests were requested not to give flowers, but a donation to support the foundation. “We thought that this would be a start to make is dream come true”

The Rob Foundation is not totally a family-foundation. My brother Steve is the president and my aunt is the secretary. We courteously wanted member of the board from outside the family.  “We find it important to be transparent. It should not come to past that after a while people will think: We give money and Tamar goes on safari.”