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An Angel in the book of life
Wrote down an infant’s birth
And mentioned as he closed the book
….. too beautiful for earth


Asio Florence

There are those days that you will never forget; June 5, 2014 is one of them. It started as a very nice day, a busy day. Lots of patients, but nothing that could not be resolved. In the morning I received a telephone call from the orphanage, Florence was not doing well. They asked me if I could arrange for one of the pediatrician’s in the “Sikkelcelclinic” to go there today, and have a look at her. However there was a big lineup, so they did not have time today. If I could bring her tomorrow morning, they would immediately evaluate at her. Sadly for her there was no tomorrow. That same day I received another call, our little girl had just taken her last breath.

Friday started with a special trip, back to Florence’s roots, of to Pallisa. Together with a couple of aunties from Noah’s Arch, we accompanied her uncle to bring her body back to her father. Our goal was to give her a dignified farewell with at least some people who actually knew her. Well, she had a beautiful farewell. A large part of her clan sat at the father house waiting until she would come “home”. So many people, that even exceeded our wildest dreams. So many people, for a girl who they’ve never known.